How do I join?

Nobody will ever solicit you to become a Mason, in fact Masons have been traditionally obligated not to ask others to join the fraternity.

Becoming a Mason is a decision that needs to be made without any external influence or pressure.

It is making a permanent life commitment to live in certain ways . . . to live with honor and integrity, to be willing to share with and care about others, to trust each other, and to place ultimate trust in God.
These are decision that nobody else can make for you. A Mason will willingly tell you about masonry and why they enjoy it.

If you decide that you want to make the commitment to become a Mason, you will need to ask a Mason for an application to join the fraternity. Upon receipt of the application, the Master of the lodge you will be joining will appoint a committee to visit you and your family. When they meet you they will ask you a little bit about yourself and why you want to become a Mason. They will explain Masonry and answer any questions that you may have prior to making a commitment to join. When the committee return to the lodge they will report back to the lodge, which will then vote on the application.

Upon an affirmative vote by the lodge brethren, the lodge will contact you and set a date for you to start your journey into Masonry as an Entered Apprentice.

There are 3 degrees in Masonry, the 3rd degree is that of a Master Mason. Once initiated into Masonry you are a fully fledged member of the Fraternity.